Program Europe Days Spain.

Town Twinning Meeting LINDENS
Lalín, from 26th to 30th October 2016


Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Arrival of guest delegations. Reception in Social Center of Donramiro.

Thursday, October 27th, 2016
10h00.- Guided visit to “Pazo de Liñares”
10h30.- Working meeting “Linden greets Linden” in “Pazo de Liñares”
13h45.- Closing of the meeting
14h00.- Lunch with the host families.
16h00.- Guided visit to the new Town Hall of Lalín.
16h30.- Reception of the Mayors and political representatives of “Linden greet Linden” by Mayor of Lalín, Mr. Rafael Cuiña Aparicio. Signatures in the Council guestbook.
16h45.- Official welcome by the Mayor of Lalín, Mr Rafael Cuiña Aparicio.
17h00.- Press conference by Mayors and political representatives of “Linden greet Linden”
17h30.- Tribute to the victims of the repression by the militar rebels during the Spanish Civil War.
18h00.- Presentation of good practices on citizenship participation in times of crisis in “Linden greet Linden” municipalities.

Friday, October 28th , 2016
08h30.- Departure by bus to Vigo
10h30.- Departure by boat to St. Simon Island.
11h00.- Guided tour to St. Simon Island.
13h30.- Brunch.
15h00.- Debate on experiences with refugees in “Linden greet Linden” municipalities.
17h00.- Return by boat to Vigo.
17h30.- Free time in Vigo.
20h00.- Return by bus to Lalin
21h30.- Dinner with the host families

Saturday, October 29th , 2016
10h00.- Continuation of the working meeting “Linden greets Linden” in “Pazo de Liñares.
12h30.- Official closing of the working meeting by Mayor of Lalín, Mr. Rafael Cuiña.
13h30.- Unveling of the plaque “Lalín greet Linden” in Lalín.
Convivial afternoon with host families.
22h00.- Farewell dinner in Social Center of Donramiro with host families.

Sunday, October 30th , 2016
Departure of guest delegations.